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Alvin B Glen

alvin b glen

My works are about common people, emotions and ideas. I always try to use recognizable images, sometimes subtle allowing the viewers to slowly discover and interpret the work. Other images dominate, emerging from implied textural sometimes colorful environments. Some of my works are mixed media, combining dyes, pastels and pencils, but in the last years pastels have become dominant.

I explore emotion as well as social and spiritual concepts. Some of my works illustrate, low country Gullah life, and other works bring attention to social or political issues.

Seldom are images in fully recognizable environments. Elements are included or taken away allowing the viewer to complete the image. The use of bright colors are used to catch the eye and to engage the viewer.

A variety of media; pastels, pencils, dyes, inks and processes including collage and transfer, the application of which vary with the intent of the art work. I prefer to work in series, by subject or theme. The subject or theme of each series of work determines the materials and the processes used to create the work.

I prefer not telling a complete story, but instead allow the viewer to complete the story with the knowledge they bring to the piece. Thus being free to observe, analyze, and interpret the works in a personal way, discovering some idea, and emotion which might be new and surprising

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Curriculum Vitae


2010          Studio Art for Educators – FACETS, Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA

1989          Advanced Printmaking -  South Carolina State College, Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA

1986          Advanced Ceramics – Winthrop College, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

1981          Study of the Artistically Gifted – Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina

1979          Bachelor of Science Arts Education - South Carolina State College, Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA



2014          Man, Media, Message – Charleston Art Institute, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

2007          Man, Media, Message -  Avery Research Center, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

1991          Art of Alvin B Glen – Charleston Trident Chamber of Commerce, Charleston, South Carolina, USA


2016          THE HOLY CITY: Art of Love, Unity and Resurrection – Passages Artists Collective, 414 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina

2015          The Slave Dwelling Project, Passages Artists Collective, North Charleston City Hall Gallery, North Charleston, South Carolina, USA

2015          ISMs, Avery Research Center, College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

2013          Civil Rights Then and Now, I.P. Stanback Museum, Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA

1991          Statements of Heritage, South Carolina State Museum, Columbia, South Carolina, USA

COLLECTIONS (institution)

2010          FACETS, Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA

1979          I.P. Stanback Museum, Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA


2016           Community Tribute Award

Charleston, SC

2014           MOJA Poster Artist Alvin B. Glen

Charleston, SC